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Courts are increasingly referring parties involved in legal proceedings to mediators to resolve disputes. However, even without being initiated by a legal procedure, mediation can be a suitable way to resolve a conflict. In fact, with mediation the legal procedure can be avoided entirely. Mediation is a form of conflict resolution, in which a decision is not imposed from above, as in the case of a decision made by a judge. In mediation, the parties themselves work on resolving a dispute. The mediator guides and assists the parties in finding a solution by initiating and monitoring discussions and negotiations between the parties. Mediations may also prove effective for disputes between businesses. Business mediation is a specialized field that has been developed specifically to deal with such matters. For the mediation to be successful, the expertise and neutrality of the mediator is an obvious factor that is of the utmost importance.

Henri Wolters is an experienced expert in business mediation. He is certified by the Mediatorsfederatie Nederland (the Netherlands federation of mediators, MfN) and is regularly commissioned by the court.

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