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Many people have to deal with law of persons and family law at some point in time. Divorces involve matters such as maintenance, parental contact arrangements, and the distribution of joint property. This requires specialized legal assistance with a great deal of attention to the personal nature of the case. We have extensive experience in this area, as well as in other areas of family law, such as adoption, guardianship, protective guardianship, and mentorship.

Divorce mediation

If both spouses are willing to enter into some form of discussion, then divorce mediation may be a good choice. Divorce is a sensitive matter that often involves very intense emotions. Threats of legal actions and translating emotions into legal rights and obligations often leads to stalemate. Parties are no longer 'on speaking terms', while consultation is necessary to overcome the differences of opinion.

Divorce mediation is a tried and tested method for solving relational crises and the result is often more satisfactory than the decision imposed by a judge.

Henri Wolters and Janneke Laumans, both specialized divorce mediators, can work for and with you. They can also assist you with situations in which mediation did not succeed.

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