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Construction law, Property law, and Public law

Construction law

You may have to deal with construction law if you are constructing or renovating a building, for example. You need to apply for permits and conclude a contract with a contractor.

We can provide the necessary advice. If a dispute arises over a permit or with your contractor, we will be happy to assist you.

For construction matters, please contact Margo van Nisselroij.

Property law

Property law is a wide-ranging field of law. It includes environmental law and the purchase and sale of property. We are happy to assist you in this field of law.

We also provide advice and, if necessary, litigation in the field of limited rights, such as easements, long-term leases, building and planting rights, and apartment rights, as well as neighbour disputes, in which we have built up many years of experience.

For questions about this legal field, please contact Margo van Nisselroij or Henri Wolters.

Public law

As a citizen, you may have to deal with the government about various matters. You can get into a conflict about a permit, for example, or if you suffer damage as a result of a decision or action by a government authority. We can assist you in such matters.

For matters related to this field of law, please contact Margo van Nisselroij, or Jan van den Heuvel.

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